We've all enjoyed playing drinking games in the past, they're fun, exciting, and get girls wasted in a strictly non-creepy way. Unfortunately some drinking games can turn sour, fast. One of the worst and most embarrassing games is "Never Have I Ever" where you drink every time you've done something. Here are the top ten worst things to drink to:

10. Not had sex…with a woman

9. Whacked it to a picture of my hot cousin…at my Uncle's house…while watching the Price is Right…in the kitchen…and had my Uncle walk in

8. Let my dog spend more than 10 consecutive minutes licking it…you know, it.

7. Climaxed watching a porn right when they switched to the dude's face

6. Given myself blue balls just so I could see what they felt like

5. Done a paper 2 weeks in advance and received a really good grade

4. Kissed, No not even kissed, more of like a real manly peck with another dude…but it's okay because it was a bet

3. Doodied myself on a fourth grade field trip to the Museum of Natural History

2. Watched every episode of Sex and the City and the L-Word

1. Given a girl an orgasm

Bonus: Seen my grandma get out of the shower by accident, then turned to look again