For those of you who don't know Cody Arant is- who am I kidding? Everyone who visits this site knows Cody Arant, he comments on, quite literally, everything. I recently got a chance to speak with this CollegeHumor superfan. Here's how it went:

Out of the 24 hours in a day, how many of them do you spend on our website?  Interesting question.  I'd say around fiveish.  I've never really bothered to count.

How do you afford to spend the amount of time on CollegeHumor that you do? Quite simple: I have absolutely no life.  At all.  I have classes, and I have a job, but that's about it.  I only work two days a week, so that helps.

You “like” 201 updates and 304 items, but are there any that stick out in your mind as your real favorites?  The Untapped Resources are pretty awesome.  And I love the video where the kid gets hit in the head with a shovel.  

Do you have a favorite writer?  Well, not exactly.  I think everybody has different strengths.  It all depends on what kind of funny I'm looking for at the time.

Do you have any favorite commenters?  Justin from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.  He always cracks me up.  Jesse Gold isn't horrible, and Chuck D is pretty clever. 

How did you go about choosing your icon, what was your thought process like?  I had the picture on my computer already.  Plus, I thought the Joker would be pretty fitting for a website where I'd be making (hopefully) funny remarks.

If you had to guess, how many comments do you think you’ve left on the CollegeHumor website?  Gun to my head I'd say, "Why are you holding a gun to my head?  Is it really so important??"  I dunno.  It's a lot.  More than a few.

As of yesterday evening Cody Arant has posted one thousand thirty one comments. As a reference, this is about nine hundred more comments than Amir Blumenfeld, who works here. Thanks Cody, not just for the interview, but for being the die-hard CollegeHumor addict that you are.