Still looking to put off studying for finals?  Have I got a contest for you!

The premise is simple: I post a dare, you complete the dare and email it to me, I post the best ones and everyone votes to decide the winner.  The person with the most votes snags a Free BustedTee.

The Dare
I dare you to make a shrine to Gary Sinise in your room.  Your shrine can be composed of anything Gary: pictures of Gary at events, drawings of Gary in his various film roles, Gary-scented candles or epic poems composed in Gary's honor.  As long as it's a Gary shrine and you're in the picture, it's good to go.

Make sure your pictures are in no later than Tuesday night!  I'll post the best ones on Wednesday and let everyone vote for the winner. 

Send pictures of your Gary shrine to Streeter.Seidell @

Good Luck and Godspeed!