I copied this from when I first posted it on Oct. 20, 2005, (prior to a very similar article by Jake Hurwitz).  If you didn't remember his, it would probably make mine funnier.  Nevertheless, a link has been provided.

Also, note that it was written before Michael Richards said the N-word.
I was using the N-word waaaaaay before that poser.


Tonight I discovered something interesting – not funny, but interesting.

You see, I've been working on my application to Princeton all week, and tonight I was starting to get kinda restless.  So while I was typing one of my essays, I decided to start typing a bunch of offensive/cuss words into microsoft word… Yeah, right in the middle of my seminary application.

I was interested to see how many of the words would be recognized in the microsoft dictionary.  In other words, I wanted to see how many naughty words would have a squiggly red line under them.

Here are my findings:

- "tits" is a word.
- "titties" gets a red squiggly though.

- "turd" is not a wurd.

- "cunt" is apparently not a word.
- "twat" is.  (However, the thesaurus offered no synonyms)

- "nigga" is not a word, either.
- "nigger" is*, (but sadly, no synonyms)

* Now, if you type "niggr," then you get the red squiggly.  When you right-click, the automatic spell check offers every word but "nigger" to correct your misspelling- even though it's obviously in their dictionary.

It even offers "nigh," before it would ever say,
"Did you mean NIGGER?" 

Repeat the experiment for yourself.

I'm pretty sure I don't have a point.  I just thought it was interesting.
-plus I needed the break.
I wonder if CH will censor this.  I can understand if they do.
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