Forget studying for finals the old fashioned way, school's almost over for the semester and it's time for some much needed fun. Now you can study for exams the fun way!

Microeconomics - You (consumer) to go to Wal-Mart (individual firm) and buy cool stuff like beta fish, pixie sticks, Nintendo Wii and an airsoft gun to secretly shoot your douche bag roommate in the leg while he sleeps.  A+, here you come!

Macroeconomics - Invest money in your druggie roommate. Split the profits 50/50, unless your roommate is worse than you at math, then go in 70/30. You can't learn business like that from a book, unless it's a book on how to make a profit from pot. 

English – Read a cool book, like a magazine, or a movie.

Math – Count the number of headshots you get in Halo. Then try and figure out how to get (steal) enough money for Nintendo Wii.

Music – Steal music online.

Ethics - Don't steal music online.

American History – Hit on an older woman, like an 80-year-old. After she tells you all about World War II ask her if she'd like to have sex with a young whippersnapper like yourself.  After she says no, ask her if she'll buy you and your buddies Nintendo Wii. Now that's using your head!