Name: Emmy Portoff

: 20

: Sophomore

School: Central Connecticut State University

Hometown: Cheshire

Major: Psychology

Favorite Drink: Midouri Sour

What should a guy say to you if he’s trying to bone you: "Wow, you look like a supermodel." Orrrrrrr "Be gentle… I'm a virgin." Both of those would definitely work.

What should he say to you if he doesn’t like when girls touch his penis: "Sorry, I'm gay."

Is there ever a time when it’s inappropriate to wear mesh shorts: No, especially if they are size XL and they say Notre Dame Football on them and you woke up wearing them lying next to Brady Quinn.

What’s your most embarrassing college moment: Wow that’s a tough one.  I think I have a new embarrassing college moment every weekend.  Between drunken falls, drunken fights in playboy bunny costumes, ripping a giant hole in the ass of my jeans and being chased back to my dorm by Mexicans, and being kicked out of a party because I ate an entire box of Reese's Puffs.

What was your favorite show on TGIF: Boy Meets World, obviously.

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