10 minutes A.D. - "Jesus is…gone. (Awkward pause) Wanna get a cup of coffee?"
Location: A mile west of the big cross near the Chapel
Dress: Like a pauper. Vanity is so 10 B.C.
RSVP: To Judas at 555-EXBFF or Mary Magdelene at 555-HOT-ASS
Wine and crackers will be served.

1840s Plantation Party - "Everybody wear Hanes because the cotton should flow like wine. No books or shoes allowed for non-white guests."
Location: On the lawn
Dress: To impress. A lot of important politician's daughters will be there.
RSVP: Call William Bradford Quincy Jefferson IV to confirm attendance (if you're white).

1340s Plague Party - "Bring home a lucky lady before she dies from the plague!"
Location: All over campus.
Dress: Whatever you've got man. People are dying out here. We don't have much time.
RSVP: Let Melanie know if you're coming so she can make some snacks that curb the whole death thing.

1912! – "A party of Titanic proportions!"
Location: The abandoned boat on the creek behind the Student Center.
Dress: Like a baller…for 1912. Newsies hats, trenchcoats, cigars.
Women: clothing optional – there will be a free sketch artist on call.
RSVP: I have this sinking feeling no one is going to show up.