– I am fucking annoying.  Seriously, just really fucking annoying.  I choose an unreadable font not because I enjoy the color/font combination, but because I enjoy being a supreme dickhead.  Just like my online persona, I am equally irritating in real life.  I have been known to find humor in cockblocking my friends, killing jokes, and finishing a pitcher of beer without offering to refill it.  I am an ideal candidate for euthanasia.

WHOOOO!!!  GO [insert sports team]!!!  They fucking rule!  I’m such a hardcore fan, my font coordinates with their jersey color, my buddy icon relates to them, and I have their record in my profile!  GO TEAMYEA!!!  I love this font a lot…that is, until they start doing poorly.

 – I am so fucking emo.  Just check me out man.  The rigid font paired with the loveless colors show just how turbulent my soul is.  This font is soon to replace those thick black rectangular glasses as the symbol for all things emo.  I don’t really care though, because apathy is totally emo…right?  I’m not too clear on our beliefs…but that’s probably got to be pretty emo.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out my profile for a link to my poetry.

 – Just like my default font, my life lacks any change: I wake up at the same time every morning, eat the same breakfast, wear the same drab clothes, and in general am just a buzzkill.  Hopefully you don’t have too many friends like me.