Derrick: Suckitin Suckitin Suckitin, if you're rin tin tin or Anne Boleyn! Make a quickspin move or else you'll win, and then begin to see what you're dointome, this symphony is not for free this OPC is killing me so desperately I sing to thee of LOVE!(takes breath)

SURE OF lots of ragin' hate and hate and fear of shelf, And I can't keep these feelings felt I tried, and tried, but no spack I lied, could be financial suicide but I've got too much pride inside inside! On the side! Or words on the side, and let it slide until I die and my revenge shall I giside or slide, despite of catchy little tunes, of quick three minute ditties! I wanna burst all your balloons I wanna burn all of your cities to the ground! (Takes breath)

I've found I will not mess around unless I say, yes pray, a willdundun say and when I prayasisnsdi dsididndasay its really all this was! when the feelings stuck i need some bruck I don't rely on love BECAUSE THE! HOOK BRINGS YOU BAAAACKKK!!

Ryan: Way off.

Derrick: Yeah, I dunno.