Have you ever been busted by an RA for having something you weren't supposed to? Trevor from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse has.

While doing a routine pre-Thanksgiving inspection, Trevor's RA discovered what appeared to be a beer bong. However, as Trevor explained to his residence life adviser, it was actually a device used for cleaning fish tanks. Residence life understood, and their letter has since been immortalized in the pictures section.

I interviewed Trevor so we could find out exactly where the misunderstanding was.

[picture:1730157|size=small|align=right]Trevor, a lot of people have written in trying to figure out exactly what happened. Let's pretend I'm the director of resident life.

We found a drinking apparatus in your room. Is it yours?
Yes it's mine.

Game over buddy. You're suspended.
But it's not a beer bong. You found it on the shelf, right?

Umm… yes.
Yeah, I use that to change the water in my fish tank. You know, the 45 gallon one under my bed. There isn't enough room to change the water unless I use a funnel and tube.

How many fish do you keep in this alleged 45 gallon tank under your bed?
Depends on how hungry the piranha is, anywhere from 2-23. One piranha, one needlefish, and the rest are feeders.

How do you empty the tank using only a tube?
Well, do you know how a siphon works?

Of course I know how a siphon works, I'm the director or resident life!

But I want to make sure I know that YOU know how a siphon works.
It's all about getting down on your knees and sucking the water up until it starts to flow out.

Do you swallow much fish poop doing that?
I try my best not to, I usually make the roommates start the siphon.

Where did you get the idea to build this contraption?
I saw it at a party once and thought it was a good idea. They change their fish tank water pretty often too.

Alright smart guy, what kind of filter do you use?
It's a whisper filter that needs to be changed every month because the fish shit so much and leave half eaten goldfish everywhere.

A ha! Shouldn't a fish tank of your caliber be using an undergravel filter?
Our fish like to have babies, lots of them. They would get sucked in the undergravel filter.

You're good, very good.

Thanks for clearing things up Trevor. You sir, are the MAN OF THE CENTURY.