My God, are they f*cking serious? Honestly, how can they rank _____ ahead of ____!? Who cares if they only had ___ losses last year, they play in the _____ conference. If they played in the _____ conference, they would have way more losses and wouldn't be getting all this media love. There is such a ____ coast bias it's unbelievable. The ____ coast gets no love whats so ever, even though the ____ conference is clearly to toughest conference. _____ could do awesome in the ____ conference even though they suck in the ____ conference. Maybe if ____ would play in the _____ conference and have to play top teams week after week, and still won, they would deserve their rank, but no, the ___ poll just likes sucking ____'s dick all the time. Such bullsh*t! And why is ____ ranked so high, who do they play? F*cking media darlings.

Don't get me started on the whole playoff/ BCS debate. Clearly, the ____ is the best option. Both systems have controversy but the ____ method is the fairest and they are both better than the old poll and bowl system. But, in this day and age, the regular season ____ a playoff, no matter what ____ says.

Did ____'s coach really day that in public? What a f*cking idiot. That reminds me, Charlie Weis is really fat….I hate ____.