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Anyone who has seen an episode of Scrubs knows Rob Maschio as The Todd: The hospital's banana hammock wearing, high five giving, sexually ambiguous, wildly horny surgeon.  Let's take a minute to learn a little bit more about America's most lovable chauvinist pig. 

How many high fives do you give out every day, on average?
Not a day goes by where someone (a dude) will approach me and ask for a high five. It's fun , I get a kick out of it. Now I know I didn't  invent the high five, but the funny aspect of the Todd's High Fives are that he names them – the miracle five, mental five, sterile five, betrayal five, I miss you five, self five, air five, make it stop five, euphemism five, and the list goes on and on.  That's fun for me to be in a scene and think what type of high five I might be able to give. During the episode where the todd was acting gay (episode 5.20 My Lunch) I had a bunch of gay five improvs up my sleeve that didn't make it into the episode. Hot Gay sex five, Man on man five, reach around five, in your ass five…naturally these were way to dirty for TV, but the crew seemed to like them.

Who is responsible for adding the finger snap, post-high five? 
That's all me my friend, I was looking to put my personal touch on it, and it's great for timing and buttoning or punching a comedic moment.

Scrubs gets crazy famous guest stars all the time, who was your favorite to work with?
Michael J. Fox, Dick Van Dyke, and Heather Graham were among my favorite guest stars. Michael J. Fox and Dick Van Dyke because they're TV royalty and I have so much respect for them and Heather Graham because I wanted her very badly and couldn't have made it more clear. Alas… She was also really good on the show – she played a quirky, absent minded, free spirited doctor and I think it's because she's so hot that people don't see what a good job she did on the show.  I offered to high five her, to low five her, to side five her, and she wouldn't have it. Nevertheless I am still a big fan of hers.

Who writes all the innuendo jokes?  Is there one person on staff whose sole task it is to come up with those?
Hard to say, there are about a dozen writers and I'm sure they all have, from time to time, come up with classic Todd sexual innuendos. In fact, I'm sure that for every todd joke that makes it into the show there are 4-5 more per episode that get cut. I wish they'd leave a few more of them in.

Is Zach Braff always coming into work with his iPod on going, “Oh you’ve gotta hear this obscure song from this band you’ve never heard of.”?
Zach is a grammy award winner for the soundtrack to Garden State, which I get a kick out as he did not write, sing or perform one note of it. He does have a good ear for that stuff and more specifically he has a good, really inspired perspective when it comes to matching music with images. Episodes of Scrubs that he directs are always going to sound and look good.  I believe he was a film major at NorthWestern College, not an acting major.

Do they make you wear banana hammocks under your scrubs even if the scene doesn’t call for you to be seen wearing them?
Make me wear the banana hammock ? Dude, I prefer to wear it.  What can I say: It. Just. Feels. Right.

What makes a good Banana Hammock?  Is it the cut?  Color or pattern? 

The meat underneath. The meat.

At what point when you were hired did you find out that’d you’d be spending a significant amount of time working in a man thong?
Big Admission here: The Banana Hammock was my idea. In the season 2 opener, I had to be in a towel and do a rat tail at JD. Now I wanted to be naked under it, but of course you can't do that on tv, so I said well how about some funny undies, a bikini, a thong, something. The wardrobe department went to a very gay section of West Hollywood and bought a dozen different choices for me. I picked the flame banana hammock to match my flame scrubs cap. And the rest is history.

Where did the DOC tattoo come from?
It was Bill Lawrences'  idea during the pilot episode of the show, 6 years ago. The Todd was so excited to become a doctor that he actually went out and got a tattoo to show it. It's odd but sometimes people think DOC is for department of corrections – which is jail. When they ask me if that's what it's for it makes me want to take back the high five I just gave them.

Are there any cast tattoos that we don’t know about? 
I can't comment on that.

Of all your female cast mates, which one would you legitimately hit on?
Someone once asked me what the Todd's favorite sexual position was? And I told them, ANY!!! Please I could be at a bus stop, in the rain, with a pulled hamstring, I will make it work. That question reminds me of this one. Who would I hit on? ALL of Them! Elliot, Carla, Jordan, hell, even Nurse Roberts!

Do you ever find yourself stuck in Todd mode after shooting?
Yes.  Now since a lot of the crew has been with the show since the beginning, they let me get away with it, they even expect it from me, but when I go back into the real world, I have to remind myself to edit, to censor, to dial it down a notch…

Why do guys like The Todd get laid? 
Because The Todd is hung like a horse. Now I have to point out to you that in all 6 seasons of the show. the Todd has never been seen with a chick. There is this on going question as to whether or not the Todd is gay? I like to say that the todd isn't homosexual. He isn't bi-sexual. He's tri-sexual. He'll try anything and everyone he can get his hands on.  ATM: Anything That Moves.  It's been fun playing that ambiguity.

Working on Scrubs seems to be a lot of fun, is it really or does everyone hate each other? 
It's still fun, primarily because the writers keep working hard to make it fresh and funny and smart. I don't think they get enough credit, and I really think that Bill Lawrence, the creator of the show, does not get enough credit for what he's currently accomplishing. There are not a lot of funny shows on tv, much less shows that last 6 years and continue to be this good. Props to me for ass kissing my boss during the course of an interview. Ass Kissing Five! 

Can I be on your show? 
You already have a great stage name to be an actor, Streeter Seidell. Starring Streeter Seidell, I could see that. But if you come to L.A. and have some hard times, I don't want to see a porn movie starring Streeter Seidell – the name works for that too.  Stay in School, Streeter Seidell, bang hotties and enjoy life my friend!

Interesting fact, my porn name – going by the standard middle name + street you grew up on – would be Johnny Wildcat.  Now That's a porn name.  Anyway, check out more of Rob at RobertMaschio.com and make sure to let us know who else you'd like to hear from by emailing me at Streeter.Seidell @ Gmail.com.