1. If you go to College you'll get a better salary than if you stick with Business.

2. You don't have to study or go to class to graduate. Just wait it out and collect a sweet salary.

3. Marriage is automatic and meant to be between one blue peg and one pink peg. No same-color peg marriage is allowed.

4. Kids are easily collected, quiet, managable pegs that fill up your car your whole life, but payoff in retirement.

5. You have a 1/5 chance of making $300,000 on any given Lucky Day.

6. Buying insurance always pays off, especially if you turn in your Life Insurance when you retire.

7. Reckless or careless driving will only cost you an insurance certificate, never your driver's license, car or jail time.

8. When you have to pay taxes, just give your worst enemy a card and you can "go dutch" on 'em!

9. Everyone retires to Millionaire Estates, where you get rid of your pegs and collect sweet cash for them.

10. You have a one in ten chance of being a Millionaire Tycoon, even if you went through life as a teacher.