Fellow penis owners will sympathize with me on this.

Ever run into a public bathroom because you desperately had to take a shit?

So you run in, you sit down, you shit, mission accomplished.

But now you have to pee as well. No big deal, right? Go pee.

So in your mind, all you did was have an innocent tinkle…

But in actuality, you just informed the 2-6 other guys in the bathroom that you pee sitting down.

You little bitch.

You pee-er sitt-er down-er.

It's weird how it's viewed to be so weak and lame of a male to sit down to pee. What if you're really tired? That seat just looks so comfortable sometimes…

What if I feel like re-reading a few chapters of The Great Gatsby? Maybe to better understand the symbolism of the green light and Jordan to money? Maybe to get a better grasp of Nick and Jay's relationship?

Surely, I cannot accomplish this standing up to pee.

Just an observation.