Does it ever strike you that you just might need a Jew to answer questions for you?  But wait, Jews aren't real are they? I thought they were just in movies.  I can guarantee that Jews are real, and they're everywhere. They're walking around you all the time, maybe your roommate is a Jew and you dont even know it!  We're sneaky.

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How frequently do you think to yourself

"Why are Kosher Hotdogs So good?

submitted by MattyBoy from Illinois

       Kosher hot dogs are good for two simple reasons.  Kosher foods are chocked full of JewGold* and other non-cancer-causing vitamins and minerals that help ensure quality movie producing, diamond marketing, and financial stingyness.  The second reason is because they're made of beef, not blended pig parts molded into a log.

*Jews are known to horde gold so that they can bathe in money whenever they want.  we love gold