20. Solo Cups in the Dishwasher What can we say? We're suckers for the "screams college" tag.

19. I Took Out My Teeth For YouA true gentleman would have taken out his fake eye too.

18. Kevin Federline's CDIn many ways, 2006 was Kevin's year. This picture will take us back to the glory days of Po Po Zao for years to come.
17. Ron Jeremy's First Goatse - If you don't know what Goatse is, you're among the lucky ones. It's amazing to see someone who has seen it all see something new.
16. Orgasmix - Honestly, we put this here because we thought it might help the poor submitter recover from the trauma. [picture:1647530|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1667038|size=small|align=center] 15. Halle Berry & Luckiest Guy in the WorldHarvard's legendary Hasty Pudding Theatricals team gave Halley Berry their woman of the year award this year. This is how she says thank you.
14. High DiveThe only thing this picture is missing is a basketball hoop for him to dunk on.
[picture:1683426|size=small|align=center] 13. Lawn PDAThe really crazy part? Those are his parents! (probably)
12. 9/11 Valentine - We received many many offensive pictures this year, but none were quite as creepy as this card. If you give this to a girl and she doesn't hit you, she's a keeper. [picture:1663446|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1719996|size=small|align=center] 11. Sin City's Marv CostumeThe only reason he didn't win best costume: no buxom girl in a black-and-white dead hooker costume.