20. Solo Cups in the Dishwasher – What can we say? We're suckers for the "screams college" tag.

19. I Took Out My Teeth For You – A true gentleman would have taken out his fake eye too.

18. Kevin Federline's CD – In many ways, 2006 was Kevin's year. This picture will take us back to the glory days of Po Po Zao for years to come.
17. Ron Jeremy's First Goatse - If you don't know what Goatse is, you're among the lucky ones. It's amazing to see someone who has seen it all see something new.
16. Orgasmix - Honestly, we put this here because we thought it might help the poor submitter recover from the trauma. [picture:1647530|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1667038|size=small|align=center] 15. Halle Berry & Luckiest Guy in the World – Harvard's legendary Hasty Pudding Theatricals team gave Halley Berry their woman of the year award this year. This is how she says thank you.
14. High Dive – The only thing this picture is missing is a basketball hoop for him to dunk on.
[picture:1683426|size=small|align=center] 13. Lawn PDA – The really crazy part? Those are his parents! (probably)
12. 9/11 Valentine - We received many many offensive pictures this year, but none were quite as creepy as this card. If you give this to a girl and she doesn't hit you, she's a keeper. [picture:1663446|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1719996|size=small|align=center] 11. Sin City's Marv Costume – The only reason he didn't win best costume: no buxom girl in a black-and-white dead hooker costume.