What has caused a high number of High school yearbook photo retakes as well as been considered one of the foulest of hand gestures developed recently. Unless you have lived under a rock for the last 5 years you should answer the shocker. The shocker for a reference for those unfamiliar is basically one hand with an extended index, middle and pinky finger and a folded ring finger to appear as if you wanted to hold up three fingers while counting but skipped the ring finger. The purpose of the shocker was to indeed shock the person during sex, inserting index, and middle finger into a womans vagina, while simultaneously folding the ring finger, and inserting the pinky into her anus. This would cause the shock.

The shocker has been apart of college life for quite sometime and some would dare say it’s overused and should be put to rest. Well not me! With all the possibilities the shocker provides not to mention the merchandising that came of it; the foam fingers, Tee shirts, and even a band named after this hand gesture should prove that it is a staple to stay around for quite a while. In order to enlighten the unacquainted I present to you “The Shocker and its Variations”.

  • The shocker “Two in the pink, one in the stink” Basically extend all of your fingers and then bend the ring finger down.
  • The Spocker shocker, “Where no man has gone before” simply make a shocker and then extend the ring finger. Also if you have watched Star Trek and was quite the Spock fan then I’m sure you have made this gesture way too many times before you read this.

  • The Twister “The twisted pleasure” After forming a Spocker simply twist you outer fingers inward and hold. Insertion is difficult, bring lube.

    The Mini Van “Two in the front and five in the back”. To form this just close a “peace” sign and make a fist. tell your friends to see how they react and don’t forget the tagline.
  • The Mexican Pickup truck “ All ten stuffed in the front”. To shape this shocker of epic size, clench together both hands as if to make one large fist. Once again insertion is difficult but with the right lube its possible.
  • The Double Duty “Two shocks are better than one” This Shocker contains two shockers that have been pushed together and then fold over the ring fingers to lock this bad boy into place.This it the shocker to end all shockers.

    The School Bus – is the only shocker that is difficult to get a photo of, none the less execute due to its difficulty, lets just say that a normal person has 20 fingers an toes. Keep in mind that in a school bus there is “one up front and about 40 in the back”