10. Amateur Punch OutWhat came first? Boxing or Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? I guess we’ll never know.

9. Superman in Class Even Clark Kent needs to take Sociology 101.

8. Living My Life Faster One day somebody will time lapse his entire life, until then, here’s a good start.
7. Awesome kick Sometimes everything in the universe aligns just right for one split second.
6. Transforming Transformer Scoot over Bart Simpson mask, this is probably the best costume in the history of Halloween.
5. Girl's Costume Warehouse – Are you a girl? Is it Halloween? Well then come down to the Girls Costume Warehouse!
4. Street Fighter The Later Years CollegeHumor takes a look at the lives of Street Fighter characters ten years later.
3. Aries Spears – Freestyle rap impersonations are the wave of the future. Or at the very least, the wave of the present.
2. Bro RapeA gripping news report about a crime most people don’t even know about.
1. Dad pong slam dunkIt's tough to be the number one video of 2006. But then again, its tough to dunk a beer pong ball at your son's fraternity. Congrats Dad!