10. Freedom Tickler – Forget what Newsweek tells you, no single image sums up the times we live in like this one.

9. Busted – This just in: I'm fired.

8. Fish Tank Cleaner – His fish have since checked into rehab. [picture:1730157|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1671165|size=small|align=center] 7. I Was Thirsty – He finally finished the drink early the next morning, in bed with the couple.
6. Monkey Spring Break – Immediately after this was taken, he won the water skiing competition and recovered the stolen microchip.
[picture:1666334|size=small|align=center] 5. Don Vito – Don Vito may be an adult, but shows the poor judgment of a man half his age. That's what staying young is all about.
4. Hot & Hotter – Amid the usual avalanche of sexy kittens and sexy nurses, there was one sexy Halloween costume this year that stood above all others.
[picture:1708742|size=small|align=center] 3. Challenge Authority – Don’t challenge a teacher until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Or a kilometer. Whichever is farther.
2. Ultimate That Guy – As soon as he laid his eggs, he shuffled his flippers and returned to the sea. [picture:1654670|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1613488|size=small|align=center] 1. Perhaps The Best – Techincally it was from 2005, but that's okay. We expect it to win in 2007 too.