10. Freedom TicklerForget what Newsweek tells you, no single image sums up the times we live in like this one.

9. BustedThis just in: I'm fired.

8. Fish Tank CleanerHis fish have since checked into rehab. [picture:1730157|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1671165|size=small|align=center] 7. I Was ThirstyHe finally finished the drink early the next morning, in bed with the couple.
6. Monkey Spring BreakImmediately after this was taken, he won the water skiing competition and recovered the stolen microchip.
[picture:1666334|size=small|align=center] 5. Don Vito – Don Vito may be an adult, but shows the poor judgment of a man half his age. That's what staying young is all about.
4. Hot & HotterAmid the usual avalanche of sexy kittens and sexy nurses, there was one sexy Halloween costume this year that stood above all others.
[picture:1708742|size=small|align=center] 3. Challenge Authority Don’t challenge a teacher until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Or a kilometer. Whichever is farther.
2. Ultimate That GuyAs soon as he laid his eggs, he shuffled his flippers and returned to the sea. [picture:1654670|size=small|align=center]
[picture:1613488|size=small|align=center] 1. Perhaps The BestTechincally it was from 2005, but that's okay. We expect it to win in 2007 too.