It always sucked to be the poor kid, especially after Christmas. Just ask Thomas—

Friend #1:
Hey Thomas, how was Christmas.

Thomas: Fine, Fine. You know, whatever. It's over.

Friend #2: Mine was awesome! I got a Playstation 3!

Friend #3: I got a Nintendo Wii! But since its half the price of a PS3 my parents got me two.

Friend #1: What did you get Thomas?

Thomas: Huh? Get for what? Oh. Haha, sorry. Let's see a movie today.

Friend #2: What did you get for Christmas, Thomas?

Thomas: You know, same as you guys. What about Casino Royale? We'll need to sneak in though…

Friend #3: You also got Playstation 3? Or you got two Nintendo Wiis?

Thomas: Nah, I didn't get those. Who do you guys have a crush on? Tell me yours, or I'm not telling mine.

Friend #1: Tell us what you got, Thomas. Tell us.

Thomas: I got stuff. What does it matter? You got stuff I got stuff. We all got stuff. All right — who's got big new years eve plans: Shoot!

Friend #2: What kind of stuff.

Thomas: Stuff. Whatever, it's stuff. Everybody gets stuff for Christmas it doesn't matter what kinda stuff its just stuff. I think my parents are getting a divorce.

Friend #3: Like electronics?

Thomas: No, like cereal. I dunno, it doesn't matter what stuff. Christmas is over! I might be gay you guys.

Friend #2: What!? Cereal!? For Christmas!?

Thomas: Yeah, it's delicious. What? If we're going to see that movie about that dead zombie college football team we better leave now. Remember, we need to sneak in though. I made that clear before.

Friend #3: What kind of cereal was it? That is SO WEIRD!

Thomas: Like Kix, but the generic store brand. It's called Kox – Stick Shaped Rice Puffs, but they're just as good. I have some if you guys want.

Reaches into pockets and takes some out

Friend #1: No, we don't want cereal! We want normal friends is what we want. Come on guys, lets go.

They all leave

Thomas: Christmas sucks.

Thomas' dad approaches

Thomas' Dad: Thomas it's me, your father. Did you keep your receipt? We're going to need to return that cereal.