Lets face it, the same boring sterotypes get used time and time again. Not only are these sterotypes old hat, but they're also very general. White people can't dance, black people like watermelons, Asians like math, etc.

It is for this reason that I have done extensive research to come up with a list of 100 very specific, very true stereotypes that you all can memorize and use.

Remember, I did the research, these are all 100% true.

01.The laws of physics do not apply to the Chinese.

02. The Swiss are notorious for getting bad sore throats.

03. If they wish, Mexicans can return from the dead to form Mariachi bands.

04. The Samurai and the french fry are mortal enemies.

05. The Dutch can communicate freely with geese.

06. Norwegian people often get trolls and nymphs confused.

07. The Russians have already sent men forward in time.

08. It is a common belief in America that all other countries don't really exist.

09. French people make up their language as they go along.

10. Puerto Ricans can fly, but only when under extreme stress.

11. The British people are immune to bed sores.

12. People live in Canada.

13. Samoans resent having a Girl Scout cookie named after them.

14. Polynesians tend to be huge Def Leppard fans.

15. Czech women can reproduce asexually.

16. Nicaraguans are strongly opposed to the string bikini.

17. Many Portuguese people will never leave their burrows in their entire lives.

18. The inhabitants of Easter Island are all direct blood descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte.

19. The Polish people copied their culture from Germany, but do everything less efficiently.

20. Many Croatian adults forget how to do long division.

21. Australians are very disagreeable, while the people of New Zealand are mostly "yes" men.

22. Koreans are a different species.

23. Most Italians are animatronic.

24. The Fillipino people are strongly opposed the PH consonant blend sounding like an F.

25. The people of Egypt prefer Equal to Sweet n Lo.

26. South Africans think the Pope's hat looks silly.

27. The Azerbaijani people cannot pronounce the name of their country.

28. Neither can the Kahzakstanis.

29. Peruvians float in oil.

30. Finnish people still believe in a geocentric universe.

31. The people of Spain believe it is still the year 1986.

32. Guatemalans love taffy.

33. In Soviet Russia, people drive cars, not vice versa.

34. Panamanians often cross-dress in public.

35. Mongolians hate the music of Michael Bolton, but think that he's on okay guy.

36. Austrians are secretly planning to bombard Helsinki with Swedish meatballs.

37. The people of Qatar hold the rooster in highest regard.

38. Inhabitants of Belize are notoriously gaimy.

39. The President of Burundi is inflammable.

40. Everyone in Chad is named Chad. Or John.

41. Iraqi people hate everything you stand for.

42. The people of Kyrgyzstan are strongly opposed to vowels.

43. Luxembourgers' livers are made of silver nitrate.

44. Monaco doesn't know they're their own country.

45. All of the cab drivers in Pakistan speak fluent English.

46. Thirteen nations, one of which was Eritrea, drafted a resolution to ban Alanis Morsette's music. Alanis used her political influence to make sure the treaty was never ratified.

47. Vietnamese people don't believe R. Kelly can fly.

48. Jamaican food is best served frozen, with a side of pencil shavings.

49. Armenia knows how to party hardy.

50. Belarus was built upside down.

51. People of Thailand fear the color red.

52. The German population is a dethawed colony of cyrogenically frozen cave dwellers.

53. Djibouti is home to the world's largest population of anti-NASCAR protest groups.

54. Nepal is the only country that isn't circumcised.

55. Israeli people always roll down the windows when they fill their gas tanks.

56. The Haitian government has built several robots which infiltrate global pop culture with the intent of spreading the beliefs of voodoo.

57. The people of Argentina cried for Madonna.

58. Bhutan is the bizarro-Peru.

59. In the Ukraine, it is illegal to eat chicken with a spoon.

60. Moldovian people love to play the name game.

61. Sudanese people are great pranksters, but sometimes they take things a bit too far.

62. If you stare a Turk in the eye, you will turn to stone.

63. A Latvian man once swallowed a small Basset Hound whole. He is praised as a national hero.

64. Danish people are filled with cheese.

65. Broken bones of Bolivian people heal at twice the normal rate, but only if that person is wearing blue.

66. The people of Yap worship Tiburota- the anthropomorphic shark god of the sky.

67. Once you get past their rugged outer coating, people from Bosnia & Herzegovina resemble a half-melted Three Musketeers bar.

68. People from the Ivory Coast eat lunch at noon, and dinner at 3:00. They then have another meal, which they call "Fluumtr" around 6-ish.

69. If you're ever lost in Madagascar, you can ask a local to direct you to the nearest Stop 'n' Shop. Their society forbids that they refuse to help you.

70. People from Mexico are dirty and they smell bad, too.

71. Sri Lanka has the world's smallest population of people who have heard of Sri Lanka.

72. The Turkmenistani government built and crashed the Roswell UFO.

73. Bahrain is for lovers.

74. The chief export of Tuvalu is phone sex.

75. Zambia was often picked on as a young child.

76. The people of Cyprus all live on hills.

77. The former Soviet State of Georgia is accredited as the world's sissiest nation.

78. Lethoso and Swaziland are bitter, bitter rivals.

79. Mauritania once tried to smoke itself. It failed.

80. Uruguay was voted most likely to succeed, class of 1726.

81. The people of Tajikstan are prone to suffer from dementia at young ages.

82. Irish scientists are attempting to cross-breed the people of Rwanda and Vanuatu to create a super-being, far superior to any human the Earth has ever seen.

83. Hungary invented the robot. The dance – not the machine.

84. People from Ethiopia are not born; they are made.

85. Nigerian men usually hit puberty in their mid-30's.

86. People who live in Montserrat are lava-proof.

87. Kenyans are afraid of Virginia Woolf.

88. Burkinabe people don't just eat their food. They eat their plates and silverware, too.

89. If you stand perfectly still, Fijians can't see you.

90. The cartographers of Bangladesh are very lazy. This has caused a great many navigational errors.

91. Libyan people are very unimaginative when it comes to flag designing.

92. All 900 people who live in the Holy See are allergic to peanut butter. And Satan.

93. The capitol of Christmas Island is known simply as "The Settlement."

94. Beninese people turn to gold if you boil them.

95. Western Sahara is the only place in the world to get fresh, authentic Western Sahara sand.

96. If you lock an American in a room with a Motswana (someone from Botswana), they will inevitably start a game of chess. In rare cases, checkers is played.

97. Cameroon is completely incompetent when it comes to baking.

98. Comic books in the Central African Republic don't have that page at the end where you can buy sea monkeys.

99. Aruba's canine population outnumbers its zebra population.

100. Icelandic people laugh in the face of danger, but only if that danger is clown-related.