Red is the best!

Red is the greatest color in the universe!

Without Red, you would be nothing!

With Red, you are everything!

Women love Red above all other colors!

Red cars are faster than all other cars!

Red dominates other colors by being on the top of the rainbow!

Red has hit more homeruns than Bonds, Aaron and your little brother, combined!

1,321,851,888 Red Chinese can't be wrong!

Crayola declares Red the "Most Glorious Color of All-Time", Kim Jong-Il agrees!

Black people decree Red to be "The Next Cool Thing"

Red cancelled "Walker, Texas Ranger" thereby defeating Chuck Norris!

Red gave birth to you, ingrate!

Red has nothing but love in its heart for all of God's creatures, except manticores!

Red will always be there for you in your time of need, even when Jesus, Buddha and Joboo abandon you!

Red is the Human Resources Guy that hired God!

Be Proud, Be Great, Be Red!!