My 100% reliable predictions for the coming year.

  • A famous celebrity will end life's journey and die peacefully at home!
  • A sports match will lead to an argument amongst friends!
  • Old Navy will advertise their reasonably priced half zip pullovers with the help of smiling people of various races singing a well-known song!  There may even be dancing!
  • The Daily Show will highlight and mock George W. Bush's foibles!
  • There will be a natural disaster of some sort somewhere on the Earth!
  • Abortion will continue to cause disagreements between people of contrasting points of view!
  • Your Mother will forward you an email containing a funny cartoon which was forwarded to her by someone at her place of employment!
  • You will urinate at least once every day!
  • You will get sick!  Nothing serious, though, most likely a sinus infection or a stomach bug.
The prophecy is told!