Kyle stands in the break room at his data entry internship drinking coffee; Milosh the Ukrainian IT guy enters wearing a knit sweater. He is always wearing sweaters, always, seriously, even in July. It's weird.

Milosh: Good morning Kyle, is it that you are presently working quite hard or is it that you are hardly even working?

Kyle: Haha, good morning Milosh, very funny.

Milosh: I just learn this joke from , you switch words and it makes very funny. You get? To learn American humor is much fun.

Kyle: Yeah, that’s a classic Milosh, oh that Gary. Kyle takes a sip of his coffee notices a strange taste and dumps it out. Wow, great coffee today.

Milosh: But if you enjoy the coffee why is it that you empty it?

Kyle: Well, in we have a thing called sarcasm where you say the opposite of what you really mean and that makes it funny.

Milosh: Ohhhh, so you don’t enjoy the coffee, but you say so, which makes funny, because you don’t really mean.

Kyle: Yeah, pretty much.

Milosh: I think I understand; I will try. I really actually am very happy that nuclear leakages contaminated the water supply of my village leading to 75% cancer rates and total relocation.

Kyle stares back awkwardly.

Kyle: Wow.

Milosh: I do not actually mean, what happened in my village was a tragedy. You get? Joke is sarcasm. I learn American Humor!

Kyle: That was a good one, I think you got it.