"Combs": I almost have it ordered, all I have to do is find a good picture of me to use

tenacIOUS d00500: Let me search through my pics and see if I have one you could use

Transfer complete: Picture 135.jpg.

tenacIOUs d00500: What do you think about that one ^? its the one where u look retarded…literally

"Combs": Fuck you I want it to be believable…

tenacIOUs d00500: Where are you going to be from?

"Combs": Carlisle, PA

tenacIOUs d00500: Do you get to pick your own town??!

"Combs": Yea

tenacIOUs d00500: Well fuck! Make it someplace kewl like Albaquerque!
it’ll work, thats a real place

"Combs": Why the fuck would a kid who lives in OH be from New Mexico???

tenacIOUs d00500: Make it from Beverly Hills…I know the zip code and everything!!! 90210!! Hahaha

tenacIOUs d00500: you could always make it from Ireland, you fuckin ginger

tenacIOUs d00500: better yet, make it a green card! You can hang out in front of home depot and make it really believable

tenacIOUs d00500: no?

"Combs" went away at 3:54:02 PM