Every year freshmen come to college and slowly learn to become apart of the campus social life. Freshmen year can be a very rough time.That’s why I’ve compiled this off beat list of don’ts, do’s, and things to be wary of.I hope it helps.

Don’t: bother your parents by calling them.This is just as much a growing experience for them as it is you.They must learn to keep tabs on you by checking your credit card statements and ATM transactions.Limit the withdrawals at liquor stores.

Don’t: buy your books on time, wait it out until you’re sure need them, like during finals.

Don’t: be a myspace junkie, college is for facebook junkies.Other acceptable internet usage includes; going to humor websites and putting questionable pictures as your roommate’s background image.

Don’t: move in all at once, take your time.It’s better to have you stuff slowly shipped out over the semester.It will give your parents something to do.

Don’t: wear a wife beater without saying “brau.” They go together like Steven Segal and a ponytail.

Don’t: break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend from back home. Just call me a romantic.Being surrounded by thousands of good looking, young people for four years won’t tempt you away from your relationship of six months.

Do: stay in on Fridays to just talk to your RA, to get to know him/her better.It’s a good call.Meeting new people is a waste of time.

Do: realize that you’ll end up getting caught drinking.Better to do it on your own terms, get busted sneaking a keg into your dorm the first week.

Do: change your hairstyle based on your major. If you’re undeclared let it grow so when you choose your major you can change your hair style fittingly.For example, art majors, the more over the top the better, but no earth tones.If you’re a business major, you’ll need something conservative, you’d better start growing those dreadlocks.

Do: become a Lohanite.I mean Lindsey Lohan may not have ’ brains or street cread, but she was in Herbie.

Do: post picks of yourself drinking and participating in other illegal activities so ASU can bust you.

Gender Specific Rules

Girls: Do sleep with a loser Junior the first week, just because he’s a Junior.

Girls: Do make friends with that weird guy in your dorm without a roommate.You never know when you’ll need the extra closet space.Plus, it’s nice to have creepy admiration.

Girls: Do wear lingerie to class. It’s important to stay classy.

Guys: Don’t be ashamed when you inevitably pick up an easily treatable disease. Remember, you’re not a real man till you get scurvy.

Guys: Do memorize and constantly quote “300.”Be sure to dress appropriately.

Guys: Don’t brag about how many women you’ve been with.If asked simply tell them that you have been with nineteen and a half. It’s the half that will make your reputation.