Big Words in Oh Seven

Choice [chois] adj. Awesome, excellent; of good quality

            Choice – - as in "That Corona trucker hat is choice!"

Crunchy [kruhn-chee]

            1: adj. sweet, awesome, fun

            Crunchy – - as in "This bologna sandwich is crunchy"

            2: adj. New-age, modern hippie; a 21st century hippie if you will

            Crunchy – - as in "Check out Suzy Brah, she's sporting dreads and

                                 birks, bitch went all crunchy."

Boss [baws, bos]

          1: adj. Incredibly awesome, fantastic, cool

            Boss – - as in "Those tits are boss!"

          2: n. a close friend or acquaintance

            Boss – - as in "What's up, Boss? You got the keg?"

Tits [tits]

           1. n. boobies, breasts, bozongazongas, fun bags, etc.

            Tits – - as in "Holy cow Moose, did you see the tits on that girl? 

                       They're so boss!"

            2: Mind control devices. Source of women's power. What you look when

                 talking to them.

            Tits – - as in "Sorry Meg, I can't look at you, your tits are too crunchy."

            3: adj. Sweet, cool, tight, awesome, crunchy

            Tits – - as in "Did you get Nintendo Wii? Shit's the tits"

                              or "These cookies are the tits."

            New Phrase – - "Shit's the tits"

New Words

Norb (Norbelsaurus)  [nawrb]

            n. An idiot; foolish or senseless person. A norb. A nub, nube, nubbin

            Norb – - as in "Ryan, you're such a norbelsaurus"

Moosing [moos-ing]

            n. to be an asshole, reflect some douche-bagginess 

            Moosing – - as in "Let's give the new pledges a royal moosing…bring out

                                       the goat."

Brahzasaurus [brah-zuh sohr-us]

            1. n. frat cat, a real bro, head of the pack, one of the fellas

            Brahzasaurus – - as in "Toss me a choice Coca Brola Brahzasaurus."

            Plural form: Brahzasauri

            This word is going to be the tits in Oh Seven!

Coca Brola [kohk-ah broh-luh]

            n. The new choice name for Coca Cola or any carbonated beverage.

            Coca Brola – - as in "Toss me a Coca Brola bro."

Moish [Muh-oy-sh]

            n. tool, loser, idiot, Norb

            Moish – - as in "Ugh, you Moish!"

Dorphed [Dworf]

            n. to cook three hot pockets at once only to find out that two of them are still frozen in the middle

            Dorphed – - as in "Shit, I'm an idiot, I can't believe I just dorphed!