1) I was lucky enough not to gain the freshman 15….i gained the shophomore 50…
2) One of my professors wrongly listed my grade as a F, and 4 weeks later and 249 emails has yet to change it
3) my parents have decided they will only pay for my education if its counting toward a degree (what no group fitness classes and racketball?)
4) my parents told me i needed to lose a few pounds…three minutes before thanksgiving dinner…
5) i dont have cable
6) i work at ihop, with sexual harrasing boss, mexican illegals and pot smoking gansta sistas (i am the only white girl…)
7) i havent had sex in a long time
8) …in fact i havent even had a good make out session in a few months
9) i get hit on by 49 year old men with children and highschoolers daily, but never get hit on by decent looking college males….
10) i drive a buick with no side view mirrors
11) my feet have grown 2 sizes in the last year
12) i had big feet to start with
13) my parents still think i dont drink and or do anything bad…and when im home i actually have to act angelic
14) i am a white girl with a ghetto booty
15) i scratched myself on the face while i was sleeping and look like i have an extremely huge zit or i got shot by a miniture bb gun
16) i am a horrible speller and cleaner
17) i think i broke my foot
18) i can make myself look pregnant…(could that be a good skill)
19) i am not 21 yet
20) i am really not that funny either….