Redneck #1: Woo hoo, I voted for Bush!
Redneck #2: Me too, let's get drunk!
Redneck #1: Hey, look at those two faggots!
Redneck #2: FAGGOTS!!!
Redneck #1: FUCKIN' QUEERS!!!
Redneck #2:
Redneck #1:
Redneck #2: Wanna ride the Scrambler?
(at a church fair stand)
12-year-old: Hang on…I hate working…and I hate church…and yet here I am, working for church, and I'm not getting paid. Something doesn't add up here…
Manager: Shut up and work the fryer!
Redneck #2:
Hold my hand, I'm gettin' sick!
(at a bingo table)
Bingo Reader: B-10!
Old Person: Bingo!
Me: Just fucking die already.
Redneck Man: Boy, I'll kick yo' ass!
Redneck Boy: Jus' gimme the purple teddy bear.
Redneck Man: You cheated, you little sumbitch!
Redneck Boy: Gimme the teddy bear or I'll shoot you with the BB gun!
Redneck Man: Fine. Goddammit.
Redneck Boy: And gimme that six-pack of PBR!
Redneck Man: You little shit, I paid fo' that!
Redneck Boy: I'll tell you been stealin' from the concession stand!
Redneck Man: Fine.
Redneck Boy: Thanks, Dad.
Redneck #1: That was fun!
Redneck #2: Sho' was!
Redneck #1:
Redneck #2: Wanna ride the bologna pony?
Redneck #1: Is that next to the Zipper?
Redneck #2: …Yep