Car games are a great way to pass the time on long road trips. Drinking games are a great way to get drunk. Why not put two and two together and get FOUR fantastic car drinking games!? Try these on that long road back to  school and you'll be at your destination (or jail) in no time!

1) Out of State License Plate Beer-a-Palooza!

See an out of state license plate? Take a sip! See an in state license plate? Take two sips! See some expired tags? Pull that citizen over, he's  breaking the law.

Then take five sips!

2) Heads Up!

While on the highway, someone (preferably not the driver, but whatever) unbuckles their seatbelt and sticks their head out the window and closes their eyes. As long as their head is out the window, everybody has to chug a beer.

3) Drink That Shit

When things are getting a little boring, start chanting "Drink that Shit." When the chant segues into just pure yelling begin drinking that shit. Drink  until all shit is done, or until you can't drink any more shit. To repeat, just add infinitum.

4) Drink and Drive Derby Scavenger Hunt

See if you can tag the following. Note: Tag means nudging with your front  bumper

- A toddler riding a big wheel on the sidewalk – 1 shot
- A group of kids playing hopscotch – 2 shots.
- A group of toddlers holding onto a rope going to school – 6 shots (Bonus
points for the caboose.)

Remember: If you are playing these car drinking games, DO SO RESPONSIBLY!

Happy Driving!