Scott: What do you think that one looks like?
Don: A pig.
Scott: I see an ice cream cone.
Stuart: No, it's a firetruck.
Scott: Oh maybe it could be a rabbit holding a barbie.
Don: Oh yeah!
Stuart: No man, it's definitely a firetruck.
Don: You know something, it could be a ferris wheel. Upside down though.
Stuart: (Losing it) Are you guys out of your minds? It's a f*cking firetruck.
Scott: Whoa, Stuart. Relax. It can be anything. That's the fun of the cloud game.
Stuart: I realize that. But I've never seen a cloud that is so blatantly a firetruck. Are you guys messing with me?
Don: To be honest, I don't see a firetruck at all. An ambulance maybe.
Stuart: No one respects you, Don.
Scott: Hey man, you have got to chill.
Don: To be honest, I d-
Stuart: Stop starting your sentences with "To be honest" it's really annoying.
Don: Damn it man, why can't you chilax?
Stuart: (Turning to Scott) I'm going to punch him. I swear to God I'm going to hit him right in the face.
Scott: What's gotten into you?
Stuart: It's a fucking firetruck!

Scott slaps Stuart across the face

Stuart stares at him angrily

Scott: Better?
Stuart: Nothing's changed. It's a firetruck still.

Don hits Stuart in the face, Scott spalshes water on him.

Stuart: That's not helping anything. Jesus!

Don brandishes a knife, Stuart runs away.

Scott: (Looking up in the sky) Oh, I see it now.
Don: Ditto.
Scott: I told you to stop saying that.