“Paper bags and plastic hearts”

Ok, WTF? I’m confused already…

“All our belongings in shopping carts”

You could have rented a U-haul.

“It’s goodbye, but we got one more night”

I hate long goodbyes.

“Let’s get drunk and ride around, and make peace with an empty town”

Congratulations MADD, here are the results of 20+ years of campaigning. It’s nice to see that today’s youth really understands the perils of drunk driving.


“Throw it away, forget yesterday, we’ll make the great escape”

Things “it” could be:

A used, defective condom

A bloody knife

A six flags calendar

An evil clown

A shopping cart full of paper bags and plastic hearts

“We won’t hear a word they say”


“They don’t know us anyway”

What? I can’t hear you…

“Watch it burn, let it die”

I feel the same way about your new album.

“Cause we are finally free tonight”

Unless you get arrested for DWI.