Much like a magical summer romance, our time with the summer interns has come to an abrupt end. We taught them, we challenged them, we literally pushed them sometimes if they were in our way. But there's no need getting caught up in all this sadness! Here at CollegeHumor we like to remember the happy times…

(We're still looking for fall interns, details at the bottom.)

Patrick Cassels – Patrick continued his run of ridiculously funny articles with gems like Reduced-Price Lunch, Dr. Doom, and Gay Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack. His first BustedTee, Mac Daddy, just came out.

Steve Cozzarelli - Production intern Steve has been hands-on involved in every CollegeHumor production this summer. He even got Blanka a green corvette for an upcoming Street Fighter: The Later Years (which he also appears in).

Jeremy Gundel – Jeremy could come into work drunk and punch a female employee, and we'd still owe him for discovering Dramatic Chipmunk. Jeremy also wrote the popular Real World vs. Harry Potter World.

Chris Han – Chris bravely took up the completely arbitrary nickname "The Falcon" from his first day. He also produced the music for the Avril Parody. Some of his editing credits include such classics as Trike Accidents and Babies Eating Lemons.

Katie MarinoBoys vs. girls! Boys vs. girls!

Jason Mesches – Jason wrote a song for an upcoming CH music video. He also had a breakout performance in the Avril Parody.

Jeff RosenbergSo Dowzer. Jeff also conducted many of the Cute College Girl interviews.

Will Schneider - Will drew nearly every graphic you've seen on CollegeHumor for the past few months, from Wendell Blatt to the Dormwich to Harry Potter Sneak Peak. He also illustrated a weekly comic series called The Funnies. The list of BustedTees designed by Will is too long to list here, but some of the best are Viva La Evolucion, Guitar Hero, and Soccer (which he also conceived).

Susanna Wolff - Susanna's popular updates include Academic Honesty, Top 10 Worst Things About Summer, and College Tour in the World of Dr. Seuss. She's also the first to hold the title of CollegeHumor's poet laureate.

Does that sound like the kind of thing you can do? Do you live around New York? Intern here! Drop a cover letter, resume, and relevant examples of your work to YesIWillWorkForFree (at)