I think we've all heard of the classic college themed parties like "Pimps and Hos," and "Golf Pros and Tennis Hos," or "G.I. Joes and Army Hos". I think it's about time to spice them up a little with fall semester right around the corner.

Check out these hot new themes that'll be hoppin' all over the country this semester!

  • Jockos and Tacos
  • Mac Pros and P.C. Hos
  • Egyptian Pharoahs and Mummy Hos
  • Star Wars Geeks and Trekkie Freaks
  • Edgar Allen Poes and Prose Hos
  • Home Depots and Backgarden Hos
  • Fidel Castros and Communist Foes (Alternate: Francisco Francos and Nationalist Hos)
  • Robinson Crusoes and Tropical Island Hos
  • Severely Psychotic Schizos and Chronically Depressed Hos
  • Nazi Germany Gestapos and Reichssicherheitshauptamt Hos