As all Americans know, hurricanes are destructive forces which reek havoc and ruin lives. If Hurricane Katrina has taught us nothing, it's that the incredible force of Mother Nature spares nobody in her wake. And unfortunately, Hurricane Dean, the latest tropical storm, has claimed it's first victim. That victim is me. My name is Dean.

Ever since CNN announced a potential tropical storm a few days ago my life has been total chaos. Not because I was in the storm's path, far from it. My life has been turned on his head because the next name on the tropical storm list was Dean, and my name is Dean.

First a few people wrote on my Facebook wall. "Hurricane Dean is coming!", "I always knew you blew really hard!", "You better not ruin all my shit and kill my family!" These are only a sampling of the jibs I received. People also drew multiple crude mockups of hurricanes with my face in the center on my Graffiti Application.