When a girl says she’s not high maintenance, it means she is. Anna Farris is a high maintenance client. E found out the hard way last night. I know what some of you are going to say. Some of you think that it isn’t her fault. You think it’s her boyfriend’s fault. I’m sure I’d find it in the comments section if I didn’t address it now. It is her fault because she chose her boyfriend and let him come to her photo shoot.

If I was E I’d get out of there now, Anna is only going to lead to trouble. As Vince eloquently and accurately put it, “not all clients are as easy as me.” I’m going to assume that he meant that in a sexual connotation, since E spent the majority of his on-screen time with Anna flirting her up. He could probably sleep with her, but it’s up in the air. My guess is that we haven’t seen the last of her dumbass boyfriend. E would have an easier time sleeping with Vince than Anna. Vince will sleep with anyone. He’s clearly the easier client.

It was fun seeing Vince, Turtle and Drama fending for themselves. At first I thought Vince an idiot for sticking with his “everything will work itself out” motto in a time of crisis, but then it did. Vince is so laid back his blood pressure would register him as clinically dead. I like it. It’s nice to have some characters that don’t yell. I’m also not convinced that Turtle can read. I think he recognizes words like naked, boobs and marijuana, but I don’t think he has the attention span to make it through a sentence. I like that too. The main thing I learned about Vince and the boys this week is that they don’t leave the couch when E isn’t around, except to go to the hot tub. I'm jealous.

The Ari plot wasn’t that interesting this week. It was full of tension-filled, high-pressure moments, but that’s pretty standard at the Gold Agency. I did enjoy seeing Ari try to deal with Billy. Billy is a useless human being, just the most disagreeable person ever. His response to never working in movies again was “well good thing I paint.” What a dick. I knew he wouldn’t kill himself when he locked himself in the bathroom like an emo 12-year-old, but maybe I was hoping just a little.

God damn is Ari shrewd! Bursting into a studio execs office and waiting for him to get out of the shower takes some balls. It led up to a great scene that pretty much summed up the film industry. In response to Dana Gordon admitting that the silo script is great: “Can we market it?”

Other great lines:
“Stop fucking talking like Randy Jackson.” – Anna Farris while breaking up with her boyfriend

“I made some lamb kebabs, want some?” – Drama to Ari while he was freaking out

“Don’t be mad, I was just scanning it for the sex scenes. There’s two. They’re good.” – Turtle to Vince about not reading the script

“Shut the fuck up, Lloyd!” – Ari to Lloyd

And the cheesy sitcom line of the episode award goes to:
“Silo, where’s the snow?” – E (cue laugh track)