T-REX: So did you see the Cavefight last night?

STEGOSAURUS: Yeah, yeah I did.

T-REX: Pretty good when they ate that last guy.

STEGOSAURUS: Tasteless if you ask me.

T-REX: Tasty.


T-REX: Hey, how's Sarah?

STEGOSAURUS: Oh, you know. She uh… she's actually moving out.

T-REX: Oh jeez. I'm sorry.

: Yeah, it's been kind of a long time coming and… Woah, did you just touch my pubis syphysis?

T-REX: Oh my God! Did I? I'm sorry. That was a complete accident. I was just trying to grab some grass. My bad Steg, really.

STEGOSAURUS: Anyway, I knew things weren't going well when she started going on all those business trips with Tony… OK, you did it again. You just smacked my pubis syphysis.

T-REX: Totally unintentional man. Wow. I'm so awkward.

STEGOSAURUS: It's alright. Just… be more careful OK?

: No problem.

STEGOSAURUS: Anyway she's over at her mother's… did you just lick my tail?

: I should go.

STEGOSAURUS: Wait…actually. Hold on. I'm sorry. I've been overreacting. Maybe we can get together later and… you know…


WRAPPING UP: Extinction is Preventable! Go to Church Kids!