It is the end of a meeting between an agent and the band (Nick, Ben, Jimmy, and Steve) he represents before the band takes a three-month break from touring and recording.

AGENT: All right everyone, that’s all for today. I think all the side projects look pretty good, and I’m sure-

JIMMY: What about me?

AGENT: Oh! Yeah. Well… Johnny-

JIMMY: It’s Jimmy.

AGENT: Of course it is! (To Jimmy’s bandmates) I said that, didn’t I?

BEN: Hmm?

STEVE: What?

NICK: Nick stopped paying attention.

AGENT: Don’t worry about it, Nick. Okay, meeting dismissed!

JIMMY: No! Wait! You didn’t give me a side project!

AGENT: What do you mean?

JIMMY: Well, you told everyone else about of some fun side project or job thing that they can do during the break except me.

AGENT: But… you’re the drummer.

JIMMY: Yeah.

AGENT: I mean, am I right guys?

BEN: Sorry, missed that part. What?

NICK: Nick is hungry.

AGENT: It’s like what I was saying Johnny-

JIMMY: There you did it again! My name is Jimmy!

AGENT: All that drumming must have done something to your hearing. You see, you play the drums, Jimmy. Ben sings and has the “front man” thing going, which is perfect for his side project of a solo album. Steve is the “wild and rebellious” guitarist who will probably end up having sex with some good-girl popstar on the reality show I booked him for, destroying her career while advancing his own. And I really had to stretch for Nick, but I think he’ll be happy having that guitar pick endorsement deal. I mean, he doesn’t even play guitar! He plays bass!

NICK: Nick could play guitar if he wanted.


AGENT: What were we talking about? Oh well. Meeting adjourned!

JIMMY: This sucks! As a member of this band, I don’t think you’re giving me the respect I deserve! Why is it that at every gig you put the drum set way in the back? No one can even see my sweet stick-tossing skills! And why is it that whenever we go out, and I say I’m in the band, everyone’s like “oh, so do you know Ben then?” Of course I know Ben, were in the same damn band! You know what I think- I think for too long drummers have been pushed to the background! We drummers demand recognition!

BEN: Dude, Tommy Lee got recognized.


JIMMY: Yeah… Yeah, I guess you’re right.

STEVE: Wait, no- he just got the hep from that blonde chick.

BEN: Oh yeah. Hmm. What about that Travis Barker guy?

STEVE: Blonde girl again.

BEN: You should try dating a blonde girl, Jim.

STEVE: Seems to be good for the career.

NICK: Nick wants tuna.

AGENT: Look Jimmy, if you really want another gig, I’m sure I could book you for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs- you can play things other than the drums, right?


JIMMY storms out.

AGENT: (To STEVE, NICK and BEN) So seriously, how’s setting Jimmy up with a blonde girl going?

NICK: Who’s Jimmy?