GOD: You're all set to go, My Son. You are My Greatest Creation, blessed by the sacrifice of Jesus and made in My own image. I've given You the great gift of music. Use it well.

MICHAEL: Aw, well, don't you just think like, you know…? My nose is like… it's totally big.

GOD: Excuse Me?

MICHAEL: Ahh I can't go out there like this. I'm black as night.

GOD: I'm black. What are you trying to say?

MICHAEL: Oh, heh. Nah, nah, it ain't like that. I'm just sayin', come on God. I'm ugly. Look at my sister, she's gorgeous. Don't make me "that guy."

GOD: Michael, I love You more than anything in the world. I love You so much that I sent My only Son down to earth to suffer and die for You. And might I add that neurological molecular biology didn't just come to Me in a dream. You are My greatest creation. Now go.

MICHAEL: Ahh don't be like that. Look at all them handsome people out there. Maybe just a few shades lighter?