You've already figured out that IMDb and Wikipedia are two of the most useful websites out there and you've become an expert at finding facts on the internet, but sometimes you need a little more than just facts and these websites will help:
Without question the easiest way to stay organized. Make an account and it lets you make to-do lists, upload files, manage a calendar and sync with you phone. BTW, if you need a real back pack, check out Bailey Works.
Have you ever wondered how to spin a basketball on your fingertip or do that fingers-in-mouth whistle? I know you have. Well, this site tells you exactly how to do random crap like that.
I'm only taking classes taught by hotties this semester. The fugs are so distracting.
So you didn't read the book per se. That doesn't mean you can't write a paper chock full of quotations. Just search by topic and you're bound to find something smart.
Don't bother memorizing that moronic MLA format. The internet does everything for you.
Your mom's not around, you can't find Health Services, and you have a weird rash. Time for internet-assisted self-diagnosis! It's probably not Hepatitis…right?
You need stuff. You don't have money. So not a problem.
I've got beer, some Schnapps, and a Snapple. Is that enough to make a classy classy date drink?
You never need the whole textbook. Just buy the most relevant chapter and use the left over money on beer. Your mom will never find out.
If you don't have time to think of a rhyme, this site is…sublime?
It's like TV Guide, but for the internet. For when you're just too lazy to procrastinate without assistance.