Dean Cain
: Hello Wendell, welcome to Yarvard- the hybrid of Yale and Harvard we had to create when you got 1 million on your SuperSATs. I'll be your Dean, Dean Cain- TV's Superman.

Wendell: Coo.

Cheerleading Team: Hey Wendell!

Wendell: Sup?

Cheerleading Captain: Is that a dragon on your silk shirt?

Wendell: Yes.

Cheerleading Captain: (Flashes her breasts) I love you.

Quarterback of the Yarvard Football Team: Here, you be QB, I suck compared to you.

Dean Cain: Hey, do you want some diamonds?

Wendell: Sure.

Dean Cain: (Dumping a bucket of diamonds on Wendell) What's that orange stuff under your fingernails?

Wendell: Cheeto cheese.

Dean: Sweet.

Cheerleading Captain: (Licking it off) It's delicious.

Mr. Blatt: I'm proud of you, Wendell.

Mrs. Blatt: Your father and I are getting back together.

Cheerleading Team: Let's be roommates!