Hide And Seek

Hide and seek was never as fun as it sounded. The best hiders would just end up snickering by themselves in a cabinet long after the seekers got bored and started playing Nintendo. Ramp up the difficulty by limiting the game area to one dorm room and playing in total darkness. The new rules make games quick, forces hiders to be creative, and significantly increases your chances of accidentally grabbing a boob. Everyone wins!

Kick Ball
Kick ball was great back in summer camp, but who has enough friends to get a game together on their own? In college, you don’t need friends to play kick ball. Make a facebook group called “Let’s all play kick ball @ 5 pm tomorrow!” and you’ll probably end up with enough people for a whole league. The game hasn’t changed much since your elementary school days; it’s still nearly impossible to kick the ball further than the base line. The one improvement is that there’s a much higher chance of a KO if someone gets beaned in the head by the ball. Stealing bases has never been so dangerous.

I’ve seen a few episodes of Scrubs, and it’s pretty clear that real surgery is nowhere near as hard as this game. It may not be that difficult to remove the butterflies from ol’ red nose’s stomach, but I have a college degree and I still can’t fix pencil wrist, or re-attach the rubber band leg without tripping the buzzer and cursing like a sailor. Operation is hard as f*ck, which is why it’s the perfect drinking game. Every time you commit malpractice you take have to drink. Good luck not ending up in a real ambulance to have your stomach pumped.

Guess Who
Operation isn’t the only board game that gets better with age. With the intellect of a higher education student, Guess Who can become an interesting match of wits between two scholars with an eye for detail. I can't think of anything more boring. If you really want to spice up the game, try channeling your great grandfather and add a healthy dose of that old fashion racism. Does your characted have Down syndrome? No? I guess it’s not Zachary. Would I be comfortable boarding an airplane with your character? No? You’re Andy, I win!