Natural Light: I’m a freshman who’s never had beer until a few nights ago. Since this is all they served at the two frat parties I’ve been to, I assume this is how all beer tastes so when people ask me what my favorite beer is, I’m going to say Natty Light.

Keystone Light: I am a freshman that doesn’t know a lot about beer, but I do know this…Natty is fucking gross.

Stella : I’m a pretentious prick.

Coors Light or Miller Light: After trying at least a few beer brands, I have found that I prefer a fairly crisp, moderately priced beer.

Bud Light: I enjoy moderately priced beer, but I also let the hilarity or a Superbowl ad influence my drinking choices.

Miller High Life: I have never tasted beer before, but with a name like “High Life,” it has to be good, right?

Rolling Rock: I like to drink beer that both tastes pretty good AND has horsies on the bottle. Horsies are bad ass.

Corona: I prefer to drink the best no matter what the cost. I either have a well-paying job while in college or I still receive an allowance from my parents so I don’t know the value of a dollar.

Heineken: I think that if I drink imported beer, people will think that I’m more sophisticated, even if it doesn’t really taste good at all.