With the new school year starting and a whole new group of kids experiencing college for the first time, some advice is needed to help the transition into college and smooth and painless as possible.

1. Do not wear your keys around your neck!

Yes the school probably provided a nice key chain or lanyard for you to place your keys on in hopes that you don't lose them, but don't wear it around your neck. Doing this just makes you look like you are not old enough to keep track of your keys. Hopefully by the time you get to college you are able to keep track of your shit. Also, since most freshmen do wear their keys around their neck you are just screaming, "Hey look at me. I am a freshmen." which is usually not a good thing to do. In order to make yourself seem a little older attach them to the lanyard but just keep them in your pocket.

2. Do not travel in huge packs.

Even though you are new to the school and it is nice to be surrounded by the people you know, there is no more dead give away that you are freshmen than a pack of 12 kids all walking around from place to place. You just look like a giant group of cattle running around. For the most part no one is out to get you so the whole safety in numbers thing is unnecessary. Pick like one to four people that you can consider your core group and go wherever you need to.

3. Don't wear shirts given to you by the college or organizations.

Although the shirts are free, wearing them around within the first month just shows how new you really are. Even worse is when a whole group of freshmen all have the same shirts on. It is just bad taste. Feel free to wear them to bed or around the room but if you go out into public try to pick one that everyone on the campus doesn't have.

4. If you go to a party, don't put that up as your away message.

No one really cares that you are out at a party. The people you are trying to impress with that statement are more than like out somewhere too and will never see it. Instead just put something simple like, "Out somewhere" or a generic away message. You are not the first person to ever go to a party in college so don't try and flaunt it in an away message. If you do you just look like a small child excited about his birthday party.

And last but not least.

5. Be humble.

Nothing pisses off the upperclassmen than a freshmen who thinks they are God's gift to the college. Hard to believe but the school did function before you came. Unlike high school, freshmen will not be picked on as much but it is still your duty to know your place on campus. Also, pissing off the older students could work against you. If you ever need a favor they may not be so willing to help you if you were an ass at the beginning of the year.

With these 5 helpful suggestions your freshmen year should be quite enjoyable and help you quickly get through the awkward stage of freshmen year.