I don’t understand women. Does anyone? No one on Entourage does except for Lloyd, and he doesn’t even like girls.

Example One
E had a rough time this week. I actually felt bad for him. He probably had a chance with Anna, but Vince and Billy ruined it. They peer-pressured him into telling Anna that Billy’s crazy new script was good. Now, what I don’t understand is: when E came clean and told Anna not to do the movie, she fired him and now they’re no longer speaking. I’m confused! E could have kept lying to her, but he did the right thing. I 100% thought E was going to walk into the airport and say “Yeah guys, I had sex with her.” If television has taught me anything it’s that honesty=sex. Now I’m all confused.

Example Two
If being honest to girls is bad, then lying is good, right? No. Ari got in trouble for trying to be nice to his nameless wife. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her that he didn’t want her with them in Cannes. I thought that was sweet. She did not agree with me. OK, I guess I can understand the woman’s side on this one. What I don’t understand is: Ari’s wife always yells at him for spending too much, so to spite him she went on a shopping spree? If she spends all of their money, she’s going to have to beg her parents for money. Women are so weird. Also, Ari’s wife is a passive-aggressive biatch.

If there’s one thing Entourage has been lacking lately, it’s Johnny Drama. They made up for it last night. The main plot of the episode was about Los Angeles airport being on lockdown because of a terror alert. It should have been an annoying way to extend the season for an episode; instead it was a great way to fill an episode with great Drama lines. Here’s a rundown of my favorite Drama moments from last night:
  • Drama refused to give Turtle tranquilizers before the flight in-case there was a terrorist on the plane and they needed strong, able men to take him down
  • Drama was excited that, if there plane went down, the headline would read Chase Brothers Dead, not Vincent Chase And Brother Perish In Crash
  • Drama was convinced a group of nuns were terrorists because, “you don’t think it’s odd that a group of nuns is traveling to the South of France?”
Best Drama Scene Of The Episode Award
Drama and Turtle found someone waiting for their plane wearing a middle east-style headwear. Drama’s solution was to befriend him, so that in the event that he was a terrorist he would be spared. Just as Drama was offering to take the man to dinner in France, he learned that they wouldn’t be flying together, which led to this wonderful bit of dialogue:

Man: How do I get in touch with you?
Drama: You don’t. If it’s meant to be we’ll run into each other. Farewell my friend.

Classic Drama.

Other exciting moments in the episode included Lloyd absolutely spazzing out when being told he could come to Cannes (the offer was later rescinded), and a fun cameo by Kanye West. I have to give Kanye credit; he’s a funny guy. The Zach G. video was great, I enjoyed his part on Entourage to. He offered to let Vince and friends ride in his plane, then told them that he’d only been taking lessons for a week and that “it’s kind of illegal” but he’d get them there. Then he was all like JK LOL! Good stuff.

The seasons almost over, and it seems like some pretty interesting stuff is going to go down in Cannes. Predictions? If the lines we heard from Silo today are any indication of Billy’s previous work, then I think Medellin is going to suck hard.