Doing homework late at night,
My mind starts to wander,
My eyes glaze over,
I begin to ponder.
What part of a woman matters most to me,
Skin, eyes, IQ, mouth,
Perhaps ass or titty?
The skin of a woman can glow like gold,
but it will sag and wrinkle when she gets old.
What about eyes then, gateway to our souls?
But eyes cant negate her unsightly fat rolls.
Is it her IQ then? The smarts in her head?
No, trigonometry doesnt translate that well when in bed.
What about her mouth then? Her lips and her tongue?
Only if she kept it shut after oral sexxing was done.
Then surely the ass, that mouth-watering hump?
Chances are it will end up as a cellulite lump.
Titties it must be! Alas the most glorious pair,
will end up swinging like pendulums amongst her pubic hair.
Thats it! I give up! I dont know what it is!
Whats most important for the mom of my kids?
In an instant it stirkes me, it just comes to me.
What I want most is not what I can see!
Its not physical at all, its the size of her heart!
I cant believe I didnt know that right from the start.
Satisfied with my musings I turn on the TV,
When I realize what truly is most important to me.
Its not heart, ass, or titties, nor physical beauty,
All I want is a tight V into which I can slang that D.