It's been months since Amir got completely owned by Streeter in the last installment of Prank Wars. Streeter's prank was well thought out, hilarious, and ruined a friendship to a point where it will never be the same again. Now it's time for Amir to step up, and nuke the shit out of that friendship, possibly destroying Streeter's life in the process. I know I'm not the only person on here who wants to see Streeter get his world rocked either. So Amir, here are some ideas for revenge pranks to redeem yourself.

  • The "You have an incurable STD" Prank (Only works if Streeter is single) – Introduce Streeter to a nice girl one night at a bar/club. Get Streeter really drunk at the bar. Make sure he leaves the bar/club with this nice young lady you introduced him to. While he is leaving, slip a condom that you previously poked several holes into. Instruct this young lady to bring Streeter back to her place and have sex with Streeter… What's the joke, having Streeter get a nice young girl pregnant? No. Earlier in the night, you went to the street corners and found a prostitute that you knew had several STDs, including herpes. You dress her up real nice, like she is a regular college girl looking for a good time. You pay her (off camera of course) to have sex with Streeter back at her place, and to make sure his condom breaks. After this happens, she calls you to wait outside her place while she is calling Streeter a cab. When he comes down stairs, you listen to his story about the crazy sex he just had was what seemed like a nice girl. Then you drop the bomb on him that he now has herpes along with several other STDs.
  • The "You didn't really committed murder" Prank – Take Streeter out for a night on the town at a bar. While you are drinking, slip him a roofie (you might want to slip him 2 or 3 just for to make sure it works). Then leave the bar and make sure that Streeter waits for you while you are gone. In preparation for this prank, you must go to a medical building, in buy a body that has been donated to medicine off a young medical student that needs money. Dress the body up in cloth that a homeless man would wear, and store it under a sewer entrance near the bar you will be visiting. Go down into the sewers and beat this body with a baseball bat (make sure you cover your cloth so you don't get any splatter on yourself). After it looks like this body could have been beaten to death, go back into the bar. Streeter should now be passed out, or not have any idea what is going on. Bring him outside and if he is not passed out yet, talk to him till he falls down drunk. Once he is out, drag him down into the sewers. Throw some blood and entrails on him, and put the baseball bat in his hands. Then leave him there for the night. In the morning, when he is late for work, call him. He will wake up in the sewer freaking out, thinking he murdered a homeless man in a drunken, blacked out rage the night before. Tell him that he left the bar very drunk and angry and you didn't see him the rest of the night. Once you have convince him to go to the police, or after a couple of weeks of him losing his mind, unable to look in the mirror at what he did to another human being, tell him it was all a prank.
  • The "That kid you've been raising is really mine" Prank (Only works if Streeter has a girlfriend) – Have sex with Streeters girlfriend without a condom and get her pregnant. Have his girlfriend say that she has been faithful to Streeter and that she is also pro-life. After 18 years of Streeter raising your son, being his father, and paying child support, drop the bomb on your sons 18th birthday that the kid is actually yours and have DNA tests to prove it. (This one will take a while, but it will be worth it to see the look of Streeter face, the face of someone that just got owned.)
  • The "You shit yourself in front of famous people" Prank – Bring Streeter out to a really nice place where you have to wear a tuxedo. This place should be a movie opening, an award show, some place where celebrities will be. Convince him he'd look pimp in an all white tux. About an our before you arrive at the event, slip Streeter as much ex lax as you can. Then once you are at the event, pay three large security guards to stop him and make him wait for security clearance. Tell Streeter you are going to go put your stuff at your seats or something, but really get a good view for the real show to begin. By the time you arrive he should be feeling those ex lax hitting him pretty hard. If the guards stop him for a good 15 minutes, that should be enough for it to happen. Celebrities and beautiful people will see his white tux slowly turn brown. Then he will have to do the walk to shame out of the place while he is still feeling the effects of the ex lax. Follow him out of the show and tell him that he just go pwned.
  • The "You have to eat all your meals out of a straw for the next 6 months" Prank (this one may cost you your job) – Walk into work one day, and walk over to Streeter's work station. Hit Streeter in the jaw with an aluminum bat. It would be best if he doesn't see you, because if he did then he'd probably take the bat from you and kick you ass. When you hit him with the bat, it will break his jaw and he will have to get it wired shut for a good six months. PWNAGE!

We're all waiting Amir. Hope that some of these ideas helped. Oh yea, make sure Streeter doesn't get wind of this article, it could blow the whole thing.