University of South Carolina: 50% chance of hot, 50% chance of rain.

University at Buffalo: 100% chance of cold, 99% chance of snow.

Oxford University: 86% chance of rain.

Cambridge University: 68% chance of bad teeth.

San Diego State University: 100% chance of "nice".

University of Florida: 33% chance of raining Gatorade.

University of Kentucky: 0% chance of raining fried chicken. :(

Catholic University: 21% chance of apocalyptic rains of fire smiting the heathens in the name of the LORD!

Kansas State University: 40% chance of a tornado, 5% chance of being whisked away to a magical world called Oz.

Rutgers University: 90% chance you're wearing flip flops.

University of Southern California: 100% chance you're wearing flip-flops.

Harvard: 73% chance you're wearing a sweater-vest.

Texas A&M: 35% chance you're wearing a cowboy hat.

University of Texas: 43% chance you're wearing a cowboy hat.

Princeton University: 98% chance you're a douchebag.

Baylor University: 100% chance "Judge" is going to get loose one day and maul somebody.

Clemson University: 0% chance of beating USC.

University of Colorado: 85% chance of your state being confused with Wyoming.

Providence University: 16% chance of your state being invaded by Connecticut.

University of Maine: 64% chance of moose.