1. Notice the camera out of your peripheral vision and make your awareness known by becoming visibly flustered. Pointing at the camera and ruffling your hair is a good place to start.

2. Let the sweat start to glisten on your forehead and get your T-zone all shiney. Jessica Alba’s been working a light, dewy glow. You’ve got to take it to the next level. If you’re not drenched, you’re not giving your all to this sweet pic.

Suck your chin in just a tiny bit so it doesn’t look so strong and angular. (This move is sometimes known as the Winston Churchill, but the nomenclature is a matter of constant debate amongst college students. Some insist on calling it “Beer Pong” even though that title refers to something completely different.)

4. Strike a pose. The more retro the better. If you can do a peace sign/thumbs-up/raise the roof/exaggerated wink, you’re golden.

As you see the photographer’s finger descend on the button, quickly squat down 3 inches, close your eyes, and sneeze. Perfection. This is totes gonna be your new facebook profile pic.