Bob: Welcome contestants!!
Alex: Here’s the first question…How old are you?
Bob: I’ve been ageless since ’81, the wheel is actually the fountain of life powered by all of my pawns of game show lust.
Alex: Amazing, but please put answers in the form of a question.
Bob: You’re gayer than I thought
Alex: At least I have a SNL ripoff
Bob: At least I have balls
Alex: Uhhhh… 1$ Bob
Bob: How come people always click vehemently like retards and never get the light to answer the question?
Alex: It’s the only thing left in this world that brings a smile to my face Bob.
Bob: Well, you obviously haven’t heard of Plinko, have you?
Alex: I don’t listen to hip-hop.
Bob: Why haven’t you killed that Jenkins guy yet?
Alex: I have something much worse planned for him my old friend.
Bob: I wonder how many T-shirts have been made in my honor?
Alex: I wonder how many chicks get a boner off my glasses?
Bob: Uhh… I’ll risk 2,000 Alex.
Alex: And now for a video…
(2 Hours Later)
Bob: Wow, I’m horny, where’s my Barker’s Beauties at?
Alex: Where’s Jenkins at?
Bob: I gotta go Alex, wanna play some golf next week?
Alex: No.
Bob: That’s all folks- Remember to help control the pet population, have your pets spade or neutered, Good Night!
Alex: Do you end every conversation like that?
Bob: Kebert Xela